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Even though we have mechanisms in place to make more difficult the posting of fraudulent ads, and we periodically monitor ads, it is imposible to prevent or detect all such postings. This is true of any type of classified advertising but is more common when the ads are free (and more common when they involve pets!). Therefore, it is important to be on guard for fraudulent scams, many coming from foreign countries, and to take common sense precautions.

FOLLOW THESE STEPS TO HAVE A MORE PLEASANT INTERNET CLASSIFIED AD BUYING EXPERIENCE: Never make a payment or deposit unless you have met the seller or his representative and seen the item personally with your own eyes. Avoid giving out credit card or bank account numbers and never give out social security numbers. It is always best to have a valid signed contract and to pick up portable items personally. We recommend that contact with the seller be done by phone and in person, not just by e-mail because this makes it more likely that the seller is in your own country. Be suspicious of poorly written ads with many grammatical mistakes.

REMEMBER, it is YOUR responsibility (the buyer) to make sure that any transaction you make is legitimate, not ours (interzonga webinads).

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